Help HMP Support Zoning Change

The D.C. Office of Planning (OP), in response to concerns from Mount Pleasant and elsewhere about unchecked–and generally irreversible–losses of single-family houses to developers who convert them to multi-unit condominiums or apartments, has proposed amending the zoning code to eliminate “matter-of-right ” conversions of single-family residential buildings throughout the city. This proposal would benefit our historic district by aligning future development with the historic character of the neighborhood and preserving the flexibility of use inherent in larger dwelling units. The proposal would not affect houses currently classified as “apartment houses” (i.e., having 3 or more units) nor affect existing or future basement units. However, developers and some “affordable” housing advocates are opposing this change. A decision will come from the D.C. Zoning Commission after public hearings, likely within the next few months (October-November 2014).

This is an important issue affecting the future of our neighborhood. HMP has organized a petition drive to demonstrate support for this change to the Zoning Commission. To assist in understanding the issues involved, please take a look at the links below:

  • Letter from HMP (1 page): HMP_Zoning_Letter.pdf
  • Background (2 pages): MP_Zoning_Flyer.pdf
  • Major points (1 page): MP_Zoning_Major_Points.pdf
  • Questions & Answers (2 pages): MP_Zoning_Q&A.pdf

The importance of making support for the change known to the Zoning Commission cannot be overstated. Please be prepared to sign and/or help circulate our petition.

Note: HMP President Fay Armstrong has already testified on this issue during the Zoning Commission’s November 2013 consideration of much more comprehensive zoning reforms; her statement is available at November_Testimony.pdf.