ANC1D Meeting on Increasing Density of DC Neighborhoods

ANC1D Meeting on Increasing Density of DC Neighborhoods,

Dear HMP Members and Neighbors:

The ANC1D meeting for June 20, 2017 7:00 pm at the Mount Pleasant Library, will continue to discuss a resolution on increasing the density of our neighborhoods.   Several townhalls are scheduled before that meeting on the same topic.  On April 22, we alerted you to an upcoming vote at ANC1D on a resolution supporting greater housing density throughout the city as a way of gaining more affordable housing through the so-called “DC Housing and Development Priorities Statement (Statement).”  We asked you to attend the April 26 ANC1D meeting to express your concerns and insist that any resolution adopted be specific about any changes being advocated for our neighborhood.

A sufficient number of Mount Pleasant residents attended the meeting and voiced opposition; resulting in an ANC1D vote to table the resolution until its May meeting, and to hold a special session to hear neighborhood concerns.  In place of the special session, the resolution was on the Agenda for the regular meeting  held on Tuesday, May 23, 7:00 pm at the Mount Pleasant Library.

At the April 26 ANC1D meeting, the three new Commissioners expressed support for the Statement, while the two longer-serving members opposed it and asked what the impact would be on Mount Pleasant.  The new Commissioners seemed to think it would have no impact on our neighborhood. If that is so, we ask, why were they even discussing it?

While supporters of the Statement claim its purpose is to benefit the public, its primary beneficiaries are the  developers who will be able to bypass the density limits established for neighborhoods in the existing Comprehensive Plan, a multi-year planning document for the District of Columbia that is now being revised.  Please see the March Edition of The InTowner for information on the origin and potential impact of the Statement.   Also available is a letter from the Committee of 100 (C100) for the Federal City which opposes the Statement.[1]

In HMP’s view, the Statement is a ruse by developers to bring well-meaning allies to their bid for even more leeway on density through the Comprehensive Plan; claiming that it will help end the affordable housing crisis in our city.  It will not. Nor will it help Mount Pleasant.  Please help us ensure ANC1D does not mistakenly sign onto this Statement. We urge you to attend the June ANC1D Meeting or one of the town halls, and/or contact the Commissioners directly to urge them not to sign on to the Statement.


The HMP Board

[1]  The C100 is a private nonprofit membership organization created in 1923 to promote responsible land use and planning in DC.